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I'm Michael Johnson

I help people like you change their lives.

Coaching Has Changed My Life. 

​And Now I Want to Change Yours.

I was first introduced to life coaching in 2017 and was certified by the Life Coach School in 2022. Because of the coaching tools I was given I have: 

​>> Developed a loving relationship my dream person

>> Built a multiple 7 figure bakery with the help of my partner

​>> Lost almost 60 pounds and have kept it off for more than a year

​>> Set boundaries in my work and personal life so I don't feel obligated or resentful 

​>> Reduced my overall stress, anxiety, and overwhelm

Our paths my look totally different. 

Your goals may not be the same as mine. 

But I can still help you. 

My coaching tools are built for universal application. 

We can change your life together. 

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