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Hi, I'm Michael Johnson

I’m so glad you’ve stopped by. You’re probably here because you want a little extra support in striving for success while staying in control of your big emotions. I understand how hard that can be, but I 100% believe you can do it.  Together we’re going to transform your life.

Let’s schedule a call so we can decide how to get you moving in the right direction.

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Does this sound familiar?

It’s Friday afternoon; You’re emotionally drained, physically exhausted, and yet your to-do list has only gotten longer. You put one fire out and two more start in its place. You're overwhelmed and desperate for a break, but there's never enough time for rest.

I remember the first time my life felt like it had gotten out of control was in my second year of college. Suddenly with more freedom than I had ever experienced, I realized that I wasn’t very good at managing my "spinning plates''. And with the added responsibilities of working full time as well, overwhelm quickly began to take over. I was drowning in the sea of emotion with no life jacket in sight. I would use anything to escape my feelings (my biggest source of emotional relief was late night carbs in the form of cinnamon raspberry rolls from the local grocery store).

On top of that, at 22, I came out as gay and in an instant it felt like all of my relationships changed. I was finally able to live my truth, but in doing so, I was struggling to relate to the people around me.

Whew! Even now, just writing that all down I'm exhausted!

Contrast that moment in my life to now, I feel mostly in control of my life. Of course, there are moments of chaos and overwhelm, but the coaching tools I use have put me in the driver's seat of life.

To give you an idea here’s how yesterday went: In reality it actually started two nights ago because now I plan ahead, rather than putting out fires as they spark. I woke up feeling relatively refreshed (no more sleepless nights, although I still struggle to turn on Netflix when it’s actually bedtime.) From there, I answered a few work messages and didn’t completely lose myself in my inbox. I no longer dread the ding of a new email. Wrapping up with my morning work, I headed to the gym for a productive, although relatively half hearted workout. I’ve lost 50 pounds so far and I have been able to show up for my health consistently for months now.

Workout done, I headed to the 7 figure bakery I run with my wonderful fiancee (we’re getting married in July of 2024). Leading a team of more than 30 people has not been an easy task, but my coaching experience has helped me learn how to inspire, motivate and have the tough conversations when they’re necessary. After work, I grabbed some take out (I don’t subscribe to all or nothing thinking when it comes to food anymore, I can be healthy and still eat fast food). I didn’t have to stress about paying my bills if I ate out because I know how to keep a budget now. And with that the day ended, kinda boring right? Exactly!  I move through my days with purpose and get to end each one with a sense of accomplishment that I never used to feel.

Was it a perfectly-tailored, hyper-productive day? Not at all. Am I consistently moving forward on my goals day by day? 100%.

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Your dream life might look different than mine and that’s great. The coaching tools we will use together are universal. As we work together our mission will be to help you feel better, connect deeper and achieve more without the overwhelm and dread.

On our What's Possible Call we will dive into all your dreams and plans and then create a paty together to help you start your journey there.

Unfortunately, you’re not going to end our call with a step by step guide. I think you deserve better than that. Instead, we’re going to experience together what your life will be like when you’ve finally achieved everything you want to.

And then we'll talk about how you're going to get there. (The nice part is, the process is more simple than you think). What you need are the tools to solve your problems today and be able to solve them again tomorrow.

Our call will focus on tailoring a plan that fits your life. And the best part is I won’t charge you anything. I just ask for 50 minutes of your time

I want to invite you to schedule your What's Possible Call because I know it can help. It’s what I needed when I felt just like you. I felt like I had spent years feeling outwardly successful while on the inside always battling feelings of overwhelm, dread, and confusion. I often thought, “If I just knew the answers, then I wouldn't have any problems.”

Fortunately, with a lot of help from other coaches I have been able to give myself what I needed and I now I want to offer it to you.

Your time is absolutely right now. I know because you’ve made it this far and you’re still going. I believe 100% in your ability to start your journey to a better life today. Together we are going to plan a path to your dreams.

Take a deep breath and let’s go!

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